Combination filter ABE1 (12 pieces)

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Honeywell N06575003L

Combination filter ABE1 Honeywell N06575003L

- Combination filter ABE1 behalf facemasks type N5500, N7700, N5400

Explanation designation filters:
A - Organic gases and vapors of which the boiling point is above 65 ° C. For example, solvents, hydrocarbons etc.
AX - Organic gases and vapors having a boiling point below 65 ° C.
B - Inorganic gases and vapors, e.g., chlorine, cyanide, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, etc..
E - Acid gases and vapors, eg sulfur dioxide, etc..
K - Ammonia and organic amino derivatives.
P - Solid and liquid particles, dust
CO - Carbon monoxide

* Price is for 12 pieces.

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