Nickel alloy CL101NB 1KILOGRAM

Concept Laser
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Metal powder materials are at the first step toward high-quality results. Through extensive testing and validation, Concept Laser assures that our powders are highly optimized for the LaserCUSING process, and when paired with our corresponding parameter sets, will yield results that meet the highest industry standards.

Concept Laser is focused on continuous improvement of our parameters, build strategies, and the materials themselves, as well as researching novel materials and applications. We offer a full line of materials covering aluminum and titanium alloys, stainless and hot work steels, nickel-based super alloys, and copper alloys, with many more in development.

In addition to these materials, we offer advanced training for parameter development so that our customers are able to optimize existing parameters for their application, as well as develop their own parameters for unique material needs.

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